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Here are the top 13 Photos of our 2017 Calendar Contest.

The first picture received the most votes and will be featured on the cover. The remaining 12 are in order of votes and placement on this page does not indicate the month in which the picture will appear.


001 Bunny   Sophie


040 Bonnie     078 Harley   Bella 1     014 Buttons   Kirby   

117 Audrey     009 Avon the Wonder Beagle     035 Ziggy 4

003 Reggie     031 Zoey     138 Quincy

092 Molly     013 Montt     122 Squirt   Dino

We will also be adding smaller versions of the photos with beagles that did not make the top 13. 

Want to know which ones? Purchase a calendar to find out!