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Polly *

8 years
  • Adopted
  • Good with Dogs
  • Potties on a leash
  • Housetrained
  • Crate Trained
  • Likes to ride in the car
  • Couch Potato
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Anonymous: Please use this donation to help Polly get the surgery she needs. Get well soon Polly! Nicholas Andreychek: For Mishka. Antonella Scarpiello: Get well soon, honey! Sarah Krempa: Helping Polly in honor of my dad Claude Krempa; his love for beagles made me dedicated to helping beagles. Patricia Faham: Please accept our donation for this sweet little girl Polly in memory of our sweet boy Moses. Patricia Faham. Lynn Talg. Linda Carpenter: In honor of Annie. Linda Carpenter. Al Lengyel: I hope this helps you Polly, you're a beautiful girl.
Polly *
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And Along came Polly…Hi! I’m Polly and I am a gorgeous beagle girl with long velvety beagle ears. (And, yes, they call me Polly Pocket all the time; there isn’t a nickname I haven’t heard!) I don’t like this…but…they are making me tell you that I weigh 28 pounds and my age falls between 7-10 years old; a lady never reveals her true age. I’m a little bit of a diva but there is no shame in my game and I can be as much of a diva as I want to be. I have been birthing and raising puppies most of my life and finally my work is done! You may like beagle puppies but I am sooo over them! Having all of those pups really did a number on my body. Thankfully Midwest BREW provided me several surgeries and my foster home took great care of me during recovery. I am a strong girl and I went through surgery for mammary tumors (no cancer), a vaginal polyp, a dislocated hip, a hernia and I was in need of dental care that included a root canal! That’s all behind me now. I’m healthy, I’m retired and I’m living a brand new life!

It is wonderful to be pain free! With my hip feeling better I have pep in my step and I am able to walk better and take some stair steps. I don’t have many stairs at my foster home but my foster mom has steps for me to get on the couch and the bed, my favorite places. I guess you could say I’m a bit spoiled but after all I have been through we think I deserve it. Overall I am pretty much a couch potato and I like to cuddle. I really love ear rubs and belly rubs. Please remember, I do have a mom bod and don’t judge a little extra skin in that area.   I am working on exercise to keep my hip and muscles strong. I watch my diet too because I love to eat! I haven’t turned my nose up at a thing; I am not a picky eater. But you know all about that because clearly you love good looking beagles if you’re reading this.

You are probably wondering why a beautiful girl like me is here searching for a forever home…well I have left most of my past a mystery but I will say it wasn’t the best part of my life. I was in a Michigan shelter earlier this year and a great lady from Midwest BREW rescued me. Even though I was a little worse for wear, Midwest BREW did not give up on me and, thank goodness, because I am really a perfect companion dog. Someone out there is getting a gem and Midwest BREW just knew I was a diamond in the rough!

I currently am living with my foster mom and two senior beagle foster sisters. We all get along great! I am crate trained but lately foster mom has let me stay out of the crate and have my pick of where to snooze while she works. I haven’t gotten into any trouble and foster mom is pretty impressed how well I listen to her…that’s because I’m loyal and just a good girl. I love to snuggle or be close to my foster sisters too. I pretty much copy what they do. If they bark, I bark! Then we really get the party started. I love to go for car rides and I behave very well in the car! Having the windows open and my ears flapping in the wind just can’t be beat. I do like to go for walks but we probably won’t be doing any speed walking anytime soon.

My wish now is to find a peaceful, calm, loving home to continue my retirement.   Everyone that meets me falls in love with me. I am a perfect beagle (besides snoring… sometimes) and my foster mom will definitely agree. Trust me – I may not be on Twitter – but I will….follow you! Connect with Midwest BREW soon and ask for Polly!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).

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