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Polly *

10 years - AARB
  • Sponsors Needed
  • Special Medical Needs
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Anonymous: Please use this donation to help Polly get the surgery she needs. Get well soon Polly! Nicholas Andreychek: For Mishka. Antonella Scarpiello: Get well soon, honey! Sarah Krempa: Helping Polly in honor of my dad Claude Krempa; his love for beagles made me dedicated to helping beagles. Patricia Faham: Please accept our donation for this sweet little girl Polly in memory of our sweet boy Moses. Patricia Faham.
Polly *
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UPDATE 9/20/17: Polly had surgery to repair her hip (FHO) and she's currently resting at home under the watchful eyes of her foster mom.  She is a little swollen but otherwise ok. 


Polly will require a hernia operation within the next couple of weeks. 


Please consider donating towards her treatment.  Donations are greatly appreciated!



UPDATE 9/17/17: Polly successfully had her spay and polyp removal. We are clearing up a UTI and she awaits her hip surgery (FHO). Besides the polyp, Polly's hip causes her the most pain.
Her last hoorah will be surgery for her hernia and root canal (done together).
Polly had a spa day recently and she is a soft, sweet, beautiful girl. She will be a wonderful companion for someone very soon!


Polly is a sweet beagle lady that just joined the Midwest BREW list of rescues. She has quite a few things that need medical attention. She has an angular hernia, 2 mammary masses, and a mass near her private area. All of them are benign, but must be surgically removed. She is also in desperate need of a dental. 


We are only able to provide her with the required medical attention through your donations.


If you would like to sponsor Polly please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button.


Donations are greatly appreciated!

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