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Timmy Popular

8 years - AARB
  • Adopted
  • Good with Dogs
  • Needs Another Dog
  • Good with Cats
  • Housetrained
  • Crate Trained
  • Likes to ride in the car
  • Needs a fenced yard
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Hey der, Timmy here, or as my foster parents call me, Timothy J.

First let me say, I have the most waggiest of tails. Always going back and forth. I will follow you around, my tail wagging away. But I do have some fear in me, as if you approach me, I will cower and lie down. Which is why I need another dog in the home to help keep building my confidence, and trust.

Speaking of other dogs, I am very submissive, and just back down if confronted. I will play with other dogs. I have just started trying to get them to play also versus having to be asked to play.

My favorite thing is when my foster dad puts my toys on the deck, and I grab them one by one and run around the yard with them. Be sure to see my video. For an 8 year dude, I have some spunk left in me. My 2nd favorite thing is to lie in the grass and roll around on my back. I do have moments of mischievousness. I don’t know how foster dad’s slippers move around the house by themselves.

I do need a fenced yard as I like to be outside, liying in the yard, rolling around, or playing with my toys. Or walking around showing the critters I am on watch with my awesome bay.

I have gotten to be a better walker, and get excited to go. So you better watch me at the door, I want to go with you anytime you leave.

Oh, and I will lie anywhere, grass, rock, using a landscape block for a pillow, and a hole I made in the mulch to lie in.

I stayed with another foster home that had a cat, and I could have cared less. On car rides I stand nervously for a few minutes, but then just lie down.

My foster home has never crated me, and I have the run of the house while they are gone. In the other foster home I spent a few days at while mine was on vacation, they crated me all day with no issues also. I have never marked in my foster home. But it is just I and my foster sister.

As much as I have to follow you everywhere, and wag my tail, my foster parents think I did not have the best beginnings. We talked about my cowering already, and I will also not sit on your lap or lie by you. If you put me in your lap I get nervous, and get down. Also if you try to hug/snuggle with me, I also move, except during a thunderstorm which I am afraid of. During a storm I will lie by you for comfort.

One side note: I had a dental, and I am now missing like 22 teeth. I feel much better. But for the moment my meals are dry food soaked in water, and a little wet food, and soft treats for snacks. They were a lot of back teeth removed, so you might have to soften my food from now on. Along with brushing my teeth to keep the teeth I have left in good shape.

My foster home says I am one of the sweetest foster boys they have had and that I am a lot of fun.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).

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