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Gender: Female Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Adopted

Well hello there, Beagle lovers! Are there any Basset lovers among you? I hope so, because with me, you get the best of both breeds! I am a Beagle/Bassett mix with the gorgeous Basset head, those soulful droopy eyes, and that deep Barooooo that Bassets are known for. But I have many Beagle traits too! I am Pocahontas! I know my name and try to live up to my namesake every day!

I love exploring my native land, and will hunt for deer, rabbit, and squirrel just like the original Pocahontas might have! I’m really pretty quiet most of the time, but when I scent one of those critters, I just have to tell you about it! I don’t really have a strong prey drive though, and don’t give chase. I do well on a tie out if I need to. I can also potty on leash if I need to, and don’t have to have a fenced yard, just some exercise and exploring every day. I am still learning about walking on a leash, and can pull pretty hard so I need some extra practice with that.

I do have a couple things to work on. My potty training is still an ongoing process. I never had to worry about it before, so it’s a new skill for me to learn. But you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, and I am getting the hang of it. I also have a condition called dry eyes, and need an eye ointment daily to help keep them moist. It is not a big deal for me, and if it’s not a big deal for you, we are a match made in heaven!

I love my crate, and often use it even though I’ve earned run of the house. I don’t bother anything or tear anything up, and I am not a counter surfer or trash crawler! I am good around kids, and love attention, but I don’t demand it. I will come up to visitors to be petted, and then go on my merry way. You know, the original Pocahontas was pretty independent too!

I also get along great with the other dogs I’ve met and those I live with. I love to play, as long as I get my nap afterwards! As long as I had some friends to play with and visit sometimes, or a dog park to socialize at, I wouldn’t mind being an only dog either! I’m pretty flexible, pretty sweet, pretty adorable, and I want to be YOUR forever dog! Contact Midwest BREW right away!