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Gender: Male Age: 12 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Mike Bender: A dedication to our beagle girl, Kalli Bender, that just crossed the rainbow bridge, from her mom and dad, and a family that adopted one of their fosters, the Marcecs.

BUDDY is my name. Being a buddy is my game. I will be a buddy to a cat, dog, human of any size, and if none of those are available I’ll cuddle up with my very own stuffed dog. I can spend the day alone – I’ll spend the day lounging – but when my human gets home I will let them know how glad I am to see them and I really enjoy spending some time talking about our days for awhile. You can tell me all about your day and I’ll tell you all about mine. That’s what buddies do.

I do my best to not make messes in the house, and I will tell my humans when I need to go out. I can make it all night most nights. Sometimes I need to go out once. Even though I love cuddling and visiting I’m not pushy and I don’t mind sleeping alone on my bed. (I really like my bed, and I spend a lot of time there.) I’ve never used a doggie door, but I’ll let you know when I need you to open a door. I had to spend some time in a crate when I had some heartworm treatment. I did NOT like it. In fact my foster mom was pretty surprised because generally I pretty much just lay around anyway. I was ok for short while but please don’t leave me in there when you’re not home. You really don’t need to. I’ll pretty much just lay around.

I enjoy roaming in a fenced yard. I’ll go on a walk if that is what has to be done, but I don’t need to. I’d prefer just sitting and visiting with a human outside, and maybe playing some games. I am a buddy – not a gym partner. I can be outside alone or with you; I am a buddy not your shadow. I could be happy in an apartment or a house. I’ve always lived with other animals and my human was home all day. I’d get lonely if I was home alone a long time, but I can get along with pretty much anybody.

I’ll let my foster mom tell you a bit.

NOTE FROM FOSTER MOM: Buddy will greet loudly when we first get home, but other than that is not prone to barking unless there is a problem. To alert that he needs to go out, he’ll whine. And when he tells you about his day, it’s varying moans. When he first arrived he was very low energy, very overweight and got out of breath easily. After romping with our Lab for months and completing his heartworm treatment he is more lively, but definitely not high energy. He knows a few basic commands, but is not real great at even them. He has spent most of his life curled up on a couch being a companion for his owner with severe health issues. Giving comfort and being a buddy is what he is good at. And he is EXCELLENT at that.