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Blitzen Popular Good with DogsHousetrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

Hi! My name is Blitzen but my foster family calls me Max. My vet says I'm around 2 years old and I weigh 22lbs. As you can see I am a handsome fella. I didn’t have such a great start to life as I and my fellow beagle buddies lived in one rabbit hutch and was so neglected that animal control took us from our owner. We spent some time in a shelter until Midwest BREW welcomed us in.

I’m now in a loving foster home with other beagles. We all get along so very well and have fun playing together in the fenced in back yard. I love to run after them and then have them chase me. I’m an active guy and will even play catch with you. If you throw the ball I’ll get it and bring it back to you and drop it. My foster mommy thinks I’ve had some training as she’s never had a beagle foster dog that will actually drop the ball in a game of fetch. I have a tattoo in my ear and my tail has been docked. She’s read about this and they do this with field trial beagles.  

I always lived outside before I came to Midwest BREW and my foster parents worked really hard with me on house training and I’m now officially housetrained! Yay! I know how to use a doggie door and follow the other dogs out during the day. I love living inside and my house manners improve each day. I’ve been a pretty good boy and my foster family lets me and my buddies have the run of the back part of the house while they are at work. But they have fostered many dogs and have a dog proof home.

I'm a happy boy and love to play with toys and chew on antlers. When the other dogs won't play with me I entertain myself. My foster mom call me a clown and I see her laughing at me often....just because I was outside chasing the leaves that were blowing around and then throwing my toys up in the air and running after them.

When they get home from work we take a walk. I love to walk and enjoy all the smells along the way. Like most beagles, I keep my nose to the ground most of the way. I get better on a leash each day. Sometimes we go bye-bye and I ride very well in the car. I just lie down in my crate and take a little nap. In the evening I love nothing more than to get close to foster parents and snuggle. I’ll lie on my back to get my belly rubbed. I’m actually a little love hound and follow foster mommy everywhere. She says I’m her little shadow.

Once it’s time for bed they put me in my own crate and I sleep all night without a peep. I’m a very sweet boy that wants nothing more than to have a home where I’m loved. Please contact Midwest BREW to learn how to get in touch with my foster family.