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Wilson * Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the carCouch Potato
Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted
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Marcie Freeman: In memory of my own sweet Wilson, the sweetest beagle boy ever who is still missed every day. John and Sara Swafford: In memory of Sherman who was fostered by MW BREW volunteer and dear friend Pam Bergmann.

Hi!! My name is Wilson….thump, thump, thump! Can you hear that? That is the sound of my tail wagging because I would love to meet you!! I wag my tail a lot because I'm a happy dog! Iam an extremely loving beagle, I love everyone and I definitely enjoy living with my beagle foster sisters! I've been a great canine companion. My foster mom has had nothing but wonderful things to say about me…I’m a good boy and someone even called me a “butler beagle” because I have such good manners. I pretty much am the perfect beagle but all beagles are perfect, right?!

Not much is known about my past but we have a feeling I wasn’t treated so well previously because I came into Midwest BREW needing some help. I recently had hip surgery and went through water therapy to get strong again. My doctor says I have healed quickly and am ready to start the search for my forever home. My new parent(s) will need to take a little time to continue to help me build my muscle mass and make sure that I exercise my leg. In my foster home I have been running around and having fun in the yard – you never could tell that I had hip surgery! I’m better than new!

To tell you a little more about me and to prove that I am a perfect dog – I am crate trained, I don’t mind my crate at all. My foster mom works and I will go in there without any problem. I pretty much snooze most of the day. I am a little bit of a picky eater but I have been eating my kibble and some treats. Foster mom thinks I prefer people food and doesn’t really let me indulge. Oh well, I’ve got to try! I haven’t played with toys too much but I act playful at times and I do like to chew on Nylabones. I also am completely house trained and haven’t made any messes. Foster mom only crates me to make sure I take it easy on my hip while she is away. I also can be a major couch potato and fall asleep pretty easily. I like to lie on foster mom’s lap or by her side. I am her shadow you know! Last, I am pretty quiet. My foster mom has only heard me bark a handful of times and when I do bark it's because my foster sisters encouraged me. See I do have manners!

I am a very handsome, soft, friendly boy – what’s not to love? Please contact Midwest BREW and ask for Wilson….thump, thump, thump (more tail wagging just thinking about you!).