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Joss Popular Good with DogsGood with ChildrenWorking on HousetrainingNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardLikes to DigCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 4 years Status: Adopted
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Jan Ramion: Please use toward Joss's eye memory of Angel. Allison Marlow: Speedy recovery Joss! Love from adoptee Johnny Marlow. Yury Gimburg: In memory of Bekka.

Hi! My name is Joss and they think I'm about 4 years old.  My foster mom says I'm a really good girl and wishes she knew more of my history.

My sister Jaci and I were picked up out in the country and brought to the animal shelter to wait for our owner, who never came.  Finally, my first foster mom came and helped me become a Midwest BREW beagle.  She took me to the vet because there were scars on my face and something was wrong with my eye.  The vet thinks that I may have gotten into a fight with another animal.  In order to make me feel better and because I was blind in the eye that was hurt, the doctor removed my eye.  I was a little worried but I actually look kind of cool that way. 

I recently moved to a second foster home because my first foster mama needed to make room for more rescues, and because my new foster mama fell in love with my pictures and my story.  I currently live with 4 other beagles.  One of the beagles is an alpha female and we’ve come to an understanding; I’d like to play with her, but she’s a little cranky so I mostly just leave her alone.  The little beagle is fun to play with, but we are still getting to know each other.  I’m getting to be pretty playful and spin around and run around the backyard when I’m feeling happy.  I also love scratching my back on the couch and the bed.  Belly rubs are the best, and I love to follow my humans around.  I’m a champion snuggler, a good sleeper, good in the car, and I love long walks.  My foster mama is amazed at how sweet I am considering how hard I probably had it for a while.  She says someone is going to be really lucky to have me because I’m such a love bug!

Don't get the idea that I'm perfect because I have dug under the fence more than twice to check out the neighborhood, and I also like to hog the middle of the bed. The other thing you need to know is that I am a hunting beagle, and I pull and howl when I’m out walking.  Mama says that I have a super loud screech only when I’m trying to tell her what good scents I’m finding.  I also get double leashed because I pull really hard, and Mama’s afraid I’ll get away from her.  BUT regular exercise and some training should help because I’m a smart girl. 

If I sound likewhat you are looking for give my friends at Midwest BREW a call.

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