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In November 2015, I received messages and emails from friends about a sad beagle in need at a local animal control. Max wasn't walking, was in pain, had skin problems, infections, bad teeth, overgrown nails. He was turned in by owners who could no longer care for him and was hours away from being put down.

A volunteer at that animal control was begging for someone to give Max a chance. I couldn't say no, and I thought, even if he was only with us for a weekend due to his health, he would be loved for that weekend. Max ended up staying with us for nine months.

During those nine months he was loved by many people and had many fans. Max rallied for a while, but his old health problems ended up being just too much for his little body to handle. So instead of a weekend of love, Max got nine months of love.

I am so thankful for caring and compassionate vets who helped Max and kept him comfortable.

Run free, then rest peacefully my dearest Max. We love and miss you!


Beth Staley