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Abby girl

The second I saw Abby (aka Mira) on the Midwest BREW website, I knew she was “the one”. Thank you to Midwest BREW volunteers for saving her and then transporting her from OH to IL so she could rescue us.

She was a timid little girl when we brought her home and it was such a joy to watch her blossom into the confident little lovebug she was. She was our daily dose of humor and smiles. It didn’t matter if we were gone for 5 minutes or a few hours, her reaction was priceless every time we walked in the door. She loved going on her walks, running in the field with her daddy and she really loved when he brought flank steak in from the grill. She’d sit so patiently, watching, knowing she was getting a special treat very soon. The highlight of her day was the game we played every night after dinner, I would take her out to potty and then she’d run into the house knowing daddy was waiting for her on the floor with treats and she’d jump all over him for her treats and then of course get lots of kisses.

We noticed Abby was straining to urinate over the summer. After several vet visits and a surgery, she was diagnosed on November 7th with urethra cancer. We had to say goodbye a short two weeks later on November 23, 2016.

Her loss has left a huge hole in our hearts and our house. Even though we wanted so much more time with her, we’re grateful we had the chance to love her for seven and a half years.

She really was a special little girl and we miss her so much.

Ted and Mona Guy