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moses collageIn May, 2006, we adopted our little boy Moses from BREW.On his first night in the house, I took the attached photo - he had found his home! More so, he had won our hearts. Every day for these past 11 years has been a joy to our family. He brought light and happiness to our lives every day.  Each day I would arrive home and this happy "smiling" little guy was waiting for me. We enjoyed our long walks every morning and again every evening. We visited the dog park almost daily and went on boating trips with his friends. I attached his "Happy Moses" picture because that smile is what I saw every day and is how I shall always remember him.

In June 2017, we were told that our little boy had lymphoma. We began his chemo treatments immediately but after 3 weeks it was clear he was not responding. Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet boy. Today my heart is breaking - each step of the day reminds me he is no longer with us. I know that the pain shall pass and in the end I will remember all of the wonderful moments of every day.

Sweet Moses - you were the absolute best part of our lives. Thank you for finding us so we could share life with you.

Love you always.

Pat, Paul, Zach, and Melissa