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My dear Leena (Belle) went to the Rainbow Bridge December 8, 2017. She was approximately 13 years old.leena

I adopted Leena from Midwest BREW in June 2010 after she was rescued from an Amish puppy mill. She was originally adopted to “youthinize” Beagle Boy (BBoy), my previously adopted beagle. He found her at the 2010 Beaglefest, and it was love at first sight. All was well until Leena actually came home with us. It was an invasion of BBoy’s space! Leena allowed him to rule, but after he went to the Rainbow Bridge, Leena’s true personality came out.

What a sweet girl she was, but the most food aggressive dog I’ve ever owned! She had been known to grab something she wanted right from my hand if it was near enough. She never totally got the hang of doing her business outside, but puppy pads helped with that. She hardly ever used her voice. Sometimes I could hear her howling when I got out of my car in the driveway, but she would stop as soon as she heard my key in the door!

Unfortunately, Leena developed fast growing mammary tumors this fall. Her health was failing and she no longer seemed to enjoy her life. But, down to the end, her Beagle appetite remained!

I miss her so much, and keep looking for her in her usual spots around the house.

Coby Mueller