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boogieIn loving memory of our Sweet One, Boogie, the quiet Beagle

We knew you hadn't had an easy life before we met you, but when we met you and saw your sweetness, we knew we needed to give you forever love.

You weren't a typical didn't howl, or bark or go sniffing... you had some persistent nose issues that kept you from being a full on sniffer. All you wanted was to be loved for the Beagle you were and to be with us. So, we loved you as much as we could and it was easy. We helped you smile again and you, in turn, gave all that love back.

You were, silly, goofy, innocent, sweet and so loving! You went everywhere with us. You liked everyone and they liked you. As long as we were all together, all was right in your world. We were a family. You liked to go for rides in the car, resting your head on my arm, and go camping. You even went on some boat rides!

We have so many fond memories of you Boogs...from the first time we returned from a road trip and you ran around the yard smiling and excited to have a real home, to all of wonderful, sweet songs you would sing for us when we would come back to the house after being gone, all of the chair snuggles, lying in Mommy's arms for sleeps and the nuzzles and loves we shared when we would look in the mirror together. You were a loving, loyal, constant companion. You were a good dog....simply

You were also a brave fought hard to live before you came to us. To have come through all of the health issues you did, it was heartbreaking to know age would catch up with you and would get the best of you. We take great comfort in knowing you are no longer sick or in pain. You were a wonderful friend to us both and we were so proud to be your Forever Mommy and Daddy.

Thank you for choosing us Sweet One.

R.I.P. Boogie, until we meet again.

Love, Always and Forever,
Mommy and Daddy