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snoopy morales rain bridRIP Snoopy. Best. Dog. Ever

Snoopy came to us on February 19, 2016 from Midwest BREW. We drove to foster mom Christy to pick him up. We instantly bonded. He came home with us and soon made himself quite at home, especially on our bed. We were given a big scare after only 10 months when his spleen broke…splenic tumor. Quick trip to emergency 24 hour vet! Thanks to the remarkable Chinese herbs he lived through the night and through the surgery. The biopsy indicated the tumor was benign, although we were warned they could be wrong. Nonetheless Snoopy lived a joyous life for the next two years and three months. His favorite thing to do was to carry his “dolly” around and play tug with it (he always won). He also like us to throw the dolly and he would run to catch it. He loved to play "doggie in the middle" with me and my son and the dolly (which was really a stuffed rabbit). My son called him “his four legged little brother.” Snoopy attended all my son's soccer games and baseball games. He was the team mascot, and the kids would rub his head for a good "at bat."

Sadly on February 19, 2019 he collapsed. We took him to the vet and were given the devastating diagnosis of cancer (hemangiosarcoma). We put him on “doggy hospice” with those remarkable Chinese herbs and pain pills. He seemed to be fine most of the time, with only a few days of bleeding and pain, until he suddenly collapsed again, and it became clear that it was time. He crossed the rainbow bridge on May 1, 2019.

We are so grateful that we had Snoopy for a little over three years. He was so loveable, loyal and sweet. He was my special dog. He followed me from room to room. He loved to snuggle at night and came and telepathically communicated to me every night around 8 that it was TIME TO GO TO BED. But after I turned out the light he would jump into his own bed, right by my side. When my husband had surgery and was recovering in bed he never left his side. My son called him the “nurse dog.”

Snoopy was incredibly mellow for a beagle. He was quite a couch potato, and since I work from home he was my constant companion. We will all miss him, but we are happy that we were able to give him love and get love back for the three years he was with us.

Cynthia Morales