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brandi rainbow bridgeI adopted my Brandi from Foster mom Heather L in December 2006.

My Brandi was such a smart girl. She learned how to open the side screen door when she heard another dog or birds. She would let both her and our other dog Patches outside! She loved laying out in the yard and digging holes. She loved other dogs and would howl when she saw them. All she wanted to do was play with them.

Brandi lived a very happy long life. Sadly, we lost Brandi in March of 2019. Our Pug Bella knew Brandi was sick and started watching over her and staying close to her in the last few months of her life. We had Brandi cremated and some of her ashes are in an urn in the garden. We recently had our side walk replaced and we placed her ashes by the gate in the wet cement by the front gate where she loved to lay.

Brandi loved Beaglefest and going there this year without her was very emotional for me.

We miss her so much. Her Pug sister Bella misses her too.

Patti Witt Sosa