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willieIn loving memory of Willie, a beloved Beagle who found his forever home when he was already about seven or eight years old. Sadly, he didn't have the best start to life and had been abused. At the start, he wouldn't even let his mom hug him without trying to nip. But with so much love, patience, and dedication, he blossomed into a total lovebug who would paw at people for more attention if he wasn't getting enough. He bonded with his other two beagle friends in the household, and loved to race around outside in the backyard with his dog sister just enjoying his life. He learned how to howl from his dog brother, but he never really quite got the hang of a full bay and sounded more like a little walrus at times. Willie enjoyed a charmed life in his forever home, and was able to pass in comfort with loved ones all around.

Rest in peace, dear Willie

The Stach family