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pinto wlogoPinto was born in 2005 and after 2 separate stints in Midwest BREW foster homes, he finally came to our home - his forever home. He was 3 when he was personally delivered to our doorstep in April 2009; and 13 when he left for the rainbow bridge in July 2019.

When he arrived in 2009, he joined our other beagle, Emerson, who suffered from separation anxiety. Within days they were sleeping together and keeping each other happy while their parents worked. They enjoyed a daily visit from their dog walker and we walked together at least 4 miles each and every day.

Larry and Sylvia were his last foster parents and they loved him so, later telling me they wished they had adopted him. We always called Pinto the “best dog ever” because he was so kind, calm and loving. Truly the perfect dog. His foster mom called him a love sponge. He was such a good, healthy boy and had the softest of coats. He got to attend Beaglefest in 2019!

His passing came fast.

He woke us up at 4 a.m. with labored breathing. A large mass was found in his tummy at 7 a.m. and by 3 p.m., we agreed with our vet it was time to say goodbye and God bless.

We will miss our buddy forever, but hope to adopt in the future from BREW when we are ready to give and get that great beagle love.

Thank you Midwest BREW for all you do for these beautiful, pure souls of goodness and love.

Until we meet again….

Kriss Schulz and Gary Hauser