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kipper wlogoIn December of 2006, we adopted Kipper, called Miguel by his foster family, from BREW. He was a part of our family for almost 13 years. He was a wonderful family dog. He snuggled with our kids when they were sick. slept with my husband Joe and I every night, and was always glad to cuddle with someone when we were watching television. He was a great walking buddy, and even made friends with a bunny that was living in our backyard one summer. This past summer, he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. We started giving him heart medication, and he seemed to be doing better, but one Sunday morning we woke up and he was panting and his right eye was drooping. We took him to an emergency vet; several tests later, they told us he had congestive heart failure and Stage IV lymphoma. He went to the rainbow bridge in August of 2019. We will always miss him, but we will always cherish our memories.

Pench Family