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Paxton Rainbow BridgeIn 2006 our family started looking for a pet to join our young family. During our search we came across the Midwest BREW site. There was a new litter of beagle mixed pups called the "Pasta Pups" that caught our attention. We contacted BREW and started the adoption process while requesting one certain pup, based on his picture. BREW did their due diligence and learned as much as they could about our family and even came for a home visit to meet our young children. After that visit they told us that they didn't feel the pup that we had inquired about would be a good fit for our family but they recommended one of his siblings instead. While at the time we had our heart set on this one particular pup we decided to listen to their recommendations. Shortly after we adopted "Spaghetti" who we renamed Paxton.Boy was BREW right!

Paxton completed our family and was the best dog and best friend we could have ever had. Unfortunately, on June 26, 2020 we had to say our final goodbye to our sweet boy. Paxton was the most obedient, loyal, gentle and protective boy. He smiled when he saw us and was always by our side. There will never be another Paxton pup. He lived an amazing life and left us with so many great memories. While our hearts are shattered we are at peace knowing that he is no longer in pain as he runs around the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Big Boy!

The Malone Family