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bodieThe Sturgill Family

We adopted Bo from Midwest BREW in June of 2018 after our first rescue from you people, Boogie/Buca, passed...all that dog needed was to be loved for the dog he was and we did.

We thought we would lose our minds with a puppy....we just about did.... wouldn't trade it for anything though. So much love…

This boy is so loved and spoiled. He is also a good dog and is VERY, very smart.

We had to change his name from Bo to Bodie because it did not work with the word “no” LOL. This boy is sooo sooo...spoiled. He's almost smarter than we are and he knows it. His foster mom said he was "quite cheeky" and still is! He talks and sings and has an an obsession with sticks...he picks them and puts them in a pile..

He has become part of our pack...the cat loves him, so that's been a plus and his family of peeps and pets all get along.

We can't thank y'all enough!