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shilohWe adopted Shiloh in April of 2016. He was 5 years old and came with a history. He was very skittish, timid, and shy. When we got him home, he fell asleep standing up as he was too afraid to let his guard down and rest in his dog bed. At that time, he wouldn't bark, wouldn't relax on furniture, and wouldn't join us in our bed.

Very slowly over the years we earned his trust, and he was eventually able to love and snuggle us each night in bed. He gained his bark, though he still used it sparingly. He blossomed into a beautiful, loving, cuddly boy. He even came to love our son when we brought him home from the hospital.

About 6 months ago, Shiloh was diagnosed with congenital heart failure. Though he was responding well to treatment for a while, his heart eventually couldn't pump out all of his body's fluid, and he passed away at home with us on Tuesday, August 31st 2021.

We are completely heartbroken since his passing. He was the perfect fit for our family. To this day, we are still amazed at Midwest BREW's matchmaking skills! Somehow they knew that we needed him, and he needed us. Now we must face each day without him, but he will always live in our memories and in
our hearts.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to love and care for Shiloh! We will be forever grateful.


The Creasy Family:
Sean, Rebecca, and Grant