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pozWhen I first got Poz (September 2018), he was extremely shy and timid, he would literally flinch at his own shadow. Over a short amount of time I was able to gain his trust and discover who he was behind his fear.

Poz was very different from many beagles: he didn’t have a hunter bone in his body, if he saw any furry friends he’d give them a little nod of acknowledgment and proceed on his walks, he rarely barked and his beagle howl would only come out if he was very sad or scared.

He was very laid back and LOVED to just sit on the couch or bed and receive cuddles while watching tv (his favorite show was Greys Anatomy). I even had a dog trainer tell me that he wasn’t food/treat/toy motivated and his only motivation was two things: making me happy annnnd getting back to his couch.

Despite his submissive nature, Poz was an extremely tough boy surviving stomach surgery, MRSP, and nerve damage from medication. Unfortunately, in January of this year it was discovered that Poz had 2cm pituitary tumor. The neurologist was extremely surprised given his lack of symptoms and said it’s probably been growing his entire life. Given the circumstances, I opted for comfort care and to put him down when his symptoms would compromise his quality of life. That time came early this week and Poz crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon (7/12/22) just missing his 9th birthday by a couple weeks.

I can’t thank you all enough for providing me my best friend for almost 4 years.

Mary Oakey