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We had to say goodbye to Woody last Thursday (7/14/22) and wanted to send a little tribute to him. Thank you so much for bringing him to us.

My last words to Woody were, “Thank you.” We were so lucky to have him in our lives for two quick years, knowing when we adopted a twelve-year-old beagle that the goodbye would not be far off. I wouldn’t change a thing. I know that anyone who gets to spend time with a wise, old, amazing dog understands that they give us more than we could ever hope to give them. We truly don’t deserve them. He made that time richer, calmer, and wiser for all of us.

In 2020, as the pandemic was heating up and everyone was stuck at home, we found Woody on the BREW’s website. Woody had lost his owner and had been in a foster home for a year. Boots, our other beagle, lost his best (and bonded) friend Buster and adjusting to the new home we had just moved into that past fall. We fell in love with Woody’s profile picture and his incredible story of going from over 70 pounds to 42 pounds while in foster care. We knew Boots needed another dog to help with his anxiety and we thought Woody needed us. And while we were able to give Woody a nice retirement with lots of love, we soon learned that we needed him even more. Along with his stately personality Woody brought a sense of calm into our chaotic home. He reminded us that a good nap, a snack, a short walk around the block, and good company were all we really needed to be happy.

I’m not sure who Woody was named for – Woody from Toy Story maybe? But we loved that he had the same name as Woody Guthrie. This name suited him perfectly as he paraded around the house, leading the other beagles in song and preaching love and acceptance of all by his actions. It was like he was saying, just as Woody Guthrie had, “Take it easy but take it.” When we walked with all the beagles around the neighborhood the kids would choose Woody as their favorite because he would take all of their pets, hugs and kisses with gratitude. And when our son Kyle and his fiancé Tiana decided to adopt a dog, they took Woody to visit the Humane Society, to make sure the beagle they had found would get along with other dogs. He welcomed that beagle, June, into the beagle brigade with enthusiasm, tail wagging and the Woody smile.

We are so sad we had to let Woody go but he let us know it was okay and reminded us how much he loved us on those last days. And I hope he’s up in dog heaven reunited with whomever he loved before he knew us, but also chasing rabbits with Boots and barking at all the other dogs who pass by.

Love from the Treganowan Family,
Jason, Joy, Kyle, Tiana, Emma, Curtis
June, Hank and Merle – the Beagle Brigade (aka the Outlaw Beagles)