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Sawyn FamilyAnnie Sawyn

It’s been a bit over a year since we adopted Annie, our quirky little beagle who spent the first part of her life in an outdoor kennel, and who has had to learn what it’s like to be an indoor family dog.

Annie arrived at age 7 full of fears--of strangers, loud noises, sudden movements. Slowly over the past year she has learned to relax a bit, although we suspect she may always be wary of those things. She has never barked, and only once did we hear her beagle bay, when she scented a rabbit during a walk in the woods. She doesn’t even ask to go out, so we had to put her on a strict schedule so she would always know potty time was coming.

Annie LOVES her walks, especially in the wooded area across from where we live. No matter how long a walk she gets, she’d like to go longer. She also likes playing with the part-beagle down the street, and keeping their leashes from tangling while they run, romp, roll and play is quite a challenge.

One of Annie’s little quirks is that she loves getting on our bed in the morning and snuggling close for back and belly rubs and shoulder massages--but if we join her on “her” couch, she sits back very aloof, keeping her distance. Annie has her own funny little rules.

Unlike our previous beagles, Annie isn’t a chow hound. She downs her meals quickly, and will always accept a treat, but she doesn’t forage through the wastebaskets or the pantry like our previous dogs have done. She’s a good rider in the car--but won’t lie down. She has to stand on the back seat with her front feet on the console so she can see out the front window.

Since we’re both in our 70s, Annie will probably be our last dog. She’s a quiet, cooperative, loving little girl who makes a perfect finale for our home--which we named BeagleSong. We’re so happy we get to be Annie’s furever family!