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Thank you so much for considering adopting a rescued beagle! You are to be commended for seeking out a rescue. We are always available to help with your Midwest BREW beagle and we provide a support system for you on future issues or concerns that might occur.

If you are located outside of our service area, you can find a beagle rescue in your area here. If you are having difficulties locating a rescue, email our Director of Adoptions and she will provide you with some suggestions.

Before You Adopt

Please consider your decision very carefully. Adopting a pet is a choice that affects an entire family. You and your family members need to be willing to make a lifelong commitment to your new beagle. Talk it over with everyone in your family and make sure that they’re all prepared for a new pet.  There will be an adjustment period for you and the beagle.  They are in strange surroundings where everything is different: where they eat or sleep and even the people they live with. The transition period from a strange place to home may be a very stressful time for both of you. Some animals will adjust very quickly. For others, it might take at least 45 days to adjust to their new surroundings. Our volunteers are always available to help you with any transitional issues that might occur.