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  1. Please read our Adoption Requirements before submitting an application. These standards include specific guidelines for puppies and rental homes. If you agree to our requirements and feel a rescue beagle is a good fit to your lifestyle proceed with the application. Filling out an application or going through the screening process is not an automatic approval for adoption.

  2. Complete an Adoption Application.

  3. Once we receive the application, you will be assigned an Adoption Counselor (AC). Your AC will contact your veterinarian (if appropriate) to ensure current or recently deceased pets were well taken care of and spayed or neutered. Please contact your veterinarian and give the staff permission to release your pet’s information to Midwest BREW. If you have a landlord, they will be called to make sure that pets are allowed in your home.  After this information is verified your AC will contact you via phone or email to schedule a time to discuss your application, rescued beagles in general and our re-homing program.

  4. When your references and phone interview are completed successfully, a Home Visit will be scheduled with another volunteer.  All family members and/or people in the household who will be a part of your new beagle’s life need to be present for the Home Visit.

  5. After completion of our screening process all information gathered will be reviewed and shared with our foster homes. Our adoption process helps us determine what beagle(s) would be a good match for your family/ lifestyle. We rely on our foster families to have the best knowledge of the dog(s) in their care and their assessment of the potential match is necessary before an adoption can take place.

  6. If approved, you will receive an approval letter via email with an assortment of beagles that may be a good match to your home (including those you expressed an interest in, if a good match) and put you in touch with the foster family that has the beagle(s).  You will be able to discuss in further detail each beagle’s needs and disposition in further detail to make an educated decision to this lifelong commitment.

  7. The entire adoption process could take up to two to three weeks. Please remember that all Midwest BREW's volunteers have other jobs and families that require their attention ....so please be patient with us. Midwest BREW has been very successful with this adoption process, and look forward to helping you find the right beagle for your family!

Completing the application does not obligate you to adopt from Midwest BREW nor does it guarantee that Midwest BREW will be able to adopt a beagle to you.  If at any time you want to stop the process, please let your AC know.

Ok, So I Adopted a Midwest BREW Beagle

Congratulations, you are part of the family! Our volunteers are here to support you after the adoption. If you are in need of obedience training, classes or behaviorists, Midwest BREW will give you suggestions. Your beagle’s foster home is another great resource since they have had hands-on experience with your beagle’s temperament and behavior while in their home.

If something occurs in the future that requires the return of your Midwest BREW beagle, you are required to return the beagle to us.