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Tammy Herrera

Sophie is absolutely wonderful!!!! We all have just fallen in love with her. She has become very comfortable and I think she knows that this is her forever home. Her personality is wonderful. Even when she does something she isn't supposed to do, it's hard to get mad at her. Those eyes get you every time. She has had some accidents in the house but I blame it more on the people around her not recognizing the signs of a puppy crossing her legs than Sophie's fault.

Sophie is a big fan of our fenced in yard. She likes to go outside and sniff and sniff and sniff. She sounds like a little piggy. She gets THAT carried away. She has been a little mischievous and done some digging but we have caught her and brought her in right away. The first couple of times we didn't catch her quick enough (she is a very subtle digger) and she got pretty dirty. I had to carry her into the house and put her right in the tub. She didn't really mind though.

She has learned to like (or at least tolerate) the girls' big hugs. She actually seeks them out and will lay as close to them as she can manage if they are sitting on the couch. She has met with protests when she tries to play with them though. It seems she wants to get right in the middle of all the toys and knocks everything over. The boys are overjoyed with her. They love taking her for walks (which she loves too.) I haven't even heard any protests about cleaning up puppy poops in the backyard. Sophie was so glad to see the boys yesterday when they got home from school not only was her tail wagging but also her little butt!!!! They lavished her with hugs and kisses and then more hugs and kisses. She loved it. She also loves the kids' beds. They are low enough for her to get up on. She isn't allowed on the bed so she is usually quickly shagged off. Yesterday I wasn't quick enough in the boys' room and she jumped on the bed, pushed the blankets to the end and managed to lie underneath the pillows. It was such a funny and cute sight that I couldn't even scold her. I called her and she came running.

She listens pretty well in the house but when she is outside forget it. Her nose gets the better of her. I have managed to teach her a couple of things. She sits pretty well. I have to push her butt down sometimes, but she is getting better. She sits for her food every morning and night. She also sits and shakes. The cutest thing, I have ever seen. She is a wonderful traveler, so we took her to PetSmart and got her a harness and a seatbelt leash. We take her with us whenever we can. She sits in the back of the van in between the two boys and takes in the sights and the petting.

She had two little doggie companions here last week when my parents came to visit. They own two pugs. Sophie tried her hardest to get them to play but they are much too lazy. My husband (who didn't know if we needed a dog) said that "maybe" she needs a playmate. I think he is quite taken with her too. We were all very proud when we had her tag made and she became Sophie Herrera with her new address and phone number. She has really become a huge joy in our lives. We love taking care of her and loving her. We love seeing her tail start to wag when we enter a room and I love that she follows me everywhere and comes when I call her (in the house anyway.) Thank you so much for placing her with us. She is such a wonderful gift. She makes my heart swell and a huge smile cross my face whenever I see her.