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Ann Duquaine

On April 11th, 2009,
The day was quite pleasant,
The weather was fine.
From Pittsburg to Wisconsin,
Young Stewart did come,
Because he had found,
His forever home.
His mom rubbed his belly
When he rolled on his back.
Brothers Ernie and Casey
Completed the pack.
Red and white Stewie
Had fur oh so soft.
Cuddling together,
He and mom did a lot.
Then it was off to training
To learn to be good.
Stewie learned just with praise,
No need to use food.
Trainer "Auntie Mary"
Always greeted with hugs and kisses.
When classes are over,
It will be her that he misses.
"Leave it" with treats
Stewie really hated.
But "Come" to his mama
Was his very most favorite.
"Sit", "Down", and "Stay"
Stewie learned with ease.
And soon he will test
For his CGC.
Giving kisses galore was
Stewie's claim to fame.
"The Kissy Monster" was
His new nickname.
So Stewie is happy in
His brand new home.
He loves his brothers,
And especially his mom.
The only one he misses
is his great foster mom.