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Leonard and Janet Kapanowski

Hello Everyone:

My name’s Twinkie, although I’ve also been called the Twinkster, Twinkie-Toes (I think because of my big beagle/basset feet). I was officially adopted into my forever-home on April 30, 2005. Boy, that was a tough day for a little girl. I drooled all the way home ‘cause I was sad and kind of anxious. After all, I was leaving my foster mom and dad and my foster-brother, Lucky, all of whom I loved very much. (My new dad says we should thank them very much for the wonderful job they did with me.) When I got to my new home, there were lots of new things to inspect, and I even had to learn how to go up and down lots of stairs. I’m a smart little girl, though, and it only took me one day to figure it out. There’s no stopping me now! I have a new backyard to explore, and I’ve spent most of the last couple days snuffling around and softly “woofing” when I find a smell I particularly like. New smells are some of my favorite things. My new mom and dad say the only things I seem to like better are doggie treats! (Well, duh!) I also got to meet my beagle cousin, Finnegan, and the big black chow who lives behind us. Finnegan and I got in some serious playtime and I slept all night my very first night. I think I’m going to like this place, and Mom and Dad tell me I’ve got lots more adventures ahead of me! Thanks, BREW, for saving me and making me a very happy girl.

Love, Twink