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The Dow Family


Dear BREW Beagle folks,brandi_dow

We adopted a dog from your organization in the spring of 2010. I had seen Brandy on your website and immediately fell in love withthis cute little dog. In less than a week my son and I attended one of your adoption "visits" at a Pet Smart store in Machesney Par, Illinois to see Brandy and the rest of the BREW Beagles on display. We immediately decided this is the dog we wanted and literally spent the next 2 hours walking and carrying her around the store to make sure that no one else was able to spend time with her.

I need to commend you and the rest of the BREW Beagle organization for a very thorough background check. There were also significant questions about how we would treat and care for our potential new dog. I do appreciate how some of the process was expedited and amazingly in less than three weeks Brandy was ours.

This little dog is a wonderful part of our family, a constant source of joy to my children and a "pack mate" to the other two beagles we have. She is full of energy, busy and loves to snuggle.

We want to thank you for allowing us the priviledge of adopting her and will always cherish the joy she has brought (and continues to bring) to our family. Please find enclosed some pictures of Brandy (actually now it is Brandi) and be assured we are doing everything possible to provide a rich full life for this wonderful little beagle.

Best wishes,
Richard Dow and Family