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Lisa and Sean Courtney


When I first saw Ruthie's profile on the BREW site, I said, "That's my dog."  My old Beagle, Spot, had passed away a few months earlier at age 12, and I missed having a a tri-colored hound in my life.

Ruthie has been with us for almost three years.  She shows extraordinary ability in sleeping.  Unlike most dogs I know, Ruthie is not up at first light.  She would rather stay snuggled in bed with us until we get up.  The lady knows that she needs plenty of beauty sleep to preserve her good looks. 

Her laziness once was the cause of a minor injury.  We boarded her while we took a short trip to Michigan.  As we were getting ready to return home, I got a call from the owner of the kennel.  Evidently, Ruthie was lounging near two dogs who were play-fighting.  One dog fell on Ruthie, spraining her leg.  She did not mind at all having to be carried up and down the stairs for the next three days!

Ruthie loves people.  When we're out for a walk, she will often plant herself in the path of another person and will not move until she is adored.  She flirts--even batting her eyelashes--and wags her tail so hard that it spins. 

Every summer, we take a road trip to the Jersey Shore and we bring Ruthie with us.  Not only does she get to meet more people and sniff new smells at the ocean, she gets to ride the elevator in the hotel.  When the elevator doors open, she prances out like a princess.

She is a quiet Beagle, somewhat pensive but never stressed out.  She practices yoga daily, executing a perfect Downward-Facing Dog pose.  She encourages us to live by her example. 

At dinner time, she performs her famous "Snoopy Dance" to show her excitement over her food.  She is also particular towards Chinese food; she once helped herself to an egg roll and some soup that we accidentally left in her reach. 

Ruthie is a constant source of joy in our lives.  We are so thankful to have her!

Lisa and Sean Courtney
Chicago, IL