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William *

4 - 5 years
  • Adopted
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Elizabeth Cash: Good luck William! Anonymous donation. Sharla Fasko. Debbie Roberts: Hope William will be on the road to recovery soon! Anne Sadowski: Our Midwest Beagle, Willie, also had back surgery on his discs 5 years ago and is going strong! You've got this, Willie! Elizabeth Cash: Keep up the good work Willie! Be strong! Tracy Scaduto: Get well soon, Willie! Christine Pierce: Get well soon little guy. Two of our rescues enjoyed many happy years after disc surgery. You can do it! Michael Prather: Hope this can help that poor guy.
William *
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UPDATE 4/24/19:  William had surgery today to repair the injury in his back.  He will remain hospitalized for at least 48 hours under close medical watch.


Please consider making a donation to offset the cost of his surgery and subsequent care.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.



William has been diagnosed with heartworms and is currently undergoing treatment. 


He was also diagnosed with a back injury that requires surgical repair (see video).


We are only able to provide him with the required medical attention through your donations.


If you would like to sponsor William for his treatment please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button.

Donations are greatly appreciated!

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