PUPPIES! Popular High Energy
Gender: Age: days old Status: Accepting Applications

We have two litters of puppies that will be ready for adoption in a few short weeks!!! Please fill in your application now to start the approval process. Click on the "APPLY TO ADOPT ME" button to fill in your adoption application and/or to learn more about our adoption process.

Please read our Standards for Adoption and the information about beagles and puppies before you submit an adoption application. Remember that owning a puppy is a full time commitment and you must have the time to commit to a dog that will be with you for 12-17 years. Beagle puppies are cute - but they are very challenging. Puppies may eat your apartment (no refund of security deposit); people who are gone for more than 5 hours at a time will need to make dog walker, neighbor or doggie daycare arrangements; and for families with very small children, puppies will chew toys, shoes, blankets and hands, feet and other important parts of your child's anatomy.