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Gender: Female Age: 6 years Status: Adopted
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Elizabeth Turturro: OMG...those eyes. I can tell you are a special girl and will make some lucky family very happy to have you. I hope you find that special family soon.

Fernie Dewdrop is a beautiful 25  lb, approximately 6 yr old girl who is very sweet and also working on some shyness.  Her list of interests includes hanging out in the yard, running off-leash, being petted, treats, walks, chasing squirrels, squeaky and chew toys, and wrestling or playing with other dogs. She really loves to be active and is looking for a family who will be active with her.

When Fernie first came to Midwest BREW as a retired hunting dog, she was very fearful, to the point of being semi-feral, and spent all of her time hiding in her crate. She has improved significantly over time, but she needs to find a family who will continue to help her in her journey.

Her personality is emerging - loyal, playful, affectionate, enthusiastic about being active, and even a little bit of a diva at times. She loves to race around the house with a squeaky toy, or steal toys from the other dogs and then take off with them and hide them in her crate. She also will sometimes rest her head on your arm or hand, which is very sweet. She enjoys being a couch companion and being with other dogs.

She will need her new family to put in time daily working on her confidence and trust. She is still fearful of some new situations and loud noises. We've learned that she will need to have at least one dog in her new home in order for her to feel comfortable. A dog friend around her age or younger who is active and likes to play would be perfect to help her come out of her shell and boost her confidence.

One thing that truly makes her come alive with joy is the opportunity to run off-leash. At her foster home she is able to do this at a large, fenced, rural dog park that has open field, brush and trees (and bunnies). You can see her confidence and excitement as she races around. She can easily rack up 3-5 miles before she starts to wind down, and then she's happy to have her leash put on and head home to sleep away the rest of the day. Ideally we would like to find a home for her where she can have a similar off-leash running experience on a regular basis (in addition to a daily walk) - it could be visiting a large dog park, or perhaps a family that has access to some fenced acreage.

She loves being able to sniff and be outdoors in nature and adventures to different places for walking and hiking would be welcome too. She has an adorable little wiggly trot and walks like a dream on the leash.

To recap, Fernie Dewdrop is looking for:

  • A home with a securely fenced yard.
  • A calm, secure environment.
  • A family who will be active with her and commit to daily time spent exercising her.
  • A patient family willing to work with her on acclimating to being a house pet.
  • Another dog friend who would play with her.

If you are interested in making Fernie a member of your family, contact your Midwest BREW adoption counselor for more information.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).