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Gender: Male Age: 3 years Status: Adopted

Leland is a young adult beagle who still has lots of puppy power! He loves to play with toys of all kinds , and he is overjoyed every time he gets a new toy, even if it is as simple as a crinkly water bottle. Leland also loves playing with other dogs and will play any game they want – it can be chase, bitey face, tug, tag, wrestling – any game at all as long as someone will play with him! Leland does well with the cats in his foster home too, just every once in a while he gets bored enough to see if they will play wih him, but other than that he leaves them alone.

Leland is super smart and a very fast learner, and he will do anything for a treat. This means that he would really thrive with training to make sure he is learning good habits and not bad ones. Leland is crate trained and settles down quietly in his crate during the work day, although he can be loud if he thinks he is missing out on getting to play with the other dogs if he is crated while they are active. Leland picked up on house training very quickly, but still has a little ways to go, mainly because he has a couple of beagle brothers who are competitive markers indoors, and Leland sometimes follows their bad example. It is expected that Leland will become well house trained with continued training and without the incentive of other male dogs marking in the house.

This sweet beagle boy came to Midwest BREW after living in an outdoor pen as an occasional hunting beagle. One result of his background is that Leland jumps up a lot. Some of that is simply because he’s young and energetic, but much of it was likely learned as he tried and tried to get attention from an owner who was not interested in Leland as a pet. Even though Leland is on the small side (~23 pounds), he can easily jump high enough to knock a plate of food out of your hand as you are walking to the table to eat.

Leland would love a home with people who can keep him busy and who can also put in a little bit of training effort so that he learns to use his puppy powers for good and not evil, and in return he will provide his forever family with endless entertainment. If you can offer these things to Leland, we would love to hear from you!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).