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Gender: Male Age: 6 years Status: Adopted
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Anonymous donation. Dana Prendergast: In memory of Gigi.

Introducing Gunner: A super handsome beagle boy with a beautiful tricolor coat who is approximately 6 years old.

Gunner came to Midwest BREW with heartworms but has come through the treatment very well and is now ready to go to his forever home. He is a couple of pounds underweight at 27.5 pounds but is happy to accept extra treats to help him with this!   

Gunner is super sweet, loving, affectionate, friendly, and just a total lovebug. He is happy to meet anyone and everyone, and loves being petted and loved on more than anything. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He was everyone’s favorite at the vet, and one of the techs even asked about adopting him!  

Gunner is also smart and learns quickly, knows “sit”, “outside”, “come” and “no”, and is willing to learn much more if treats are involved! He gets along fine with other dogs but does not really interact with them much, so he would be fine in a home with or without other dogs. He has been good with the kids he’s met, though he would likely be a bit too pushy in his demands for love for a toddler. He is house trained and will go to the door when he has to go potty, is not destructive (when someone is home with him) and doesn't chew on things he's not supposed to. He loves going places and is great in the car. He is not afraid of thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners or other loud noises.   

Gunner does have separation anxiety and is very attached to his foster mom. He will follow me around the house constantly and is what is often referred to as a “Velcro dog.” We have been working on helping Gunner feel more confident when his humans leave the room and he has shown some improvement; however, he will need a home that is prepared to continue working with him on this. Because he does not like to be left alone, he would do better in a home where someone is around much of the time, although he may do ok in a home where someone works part time, or where work schedules overlap so that he is not alone for long periods. His separation anxiety may improve when he is able to take walks and get exercise again, which has been restricted for the past 2 ½ months due to his heartworm treatment.  

Gunner is crate trained but is not a big fan of the crate. Due to his separation anxiety Gunner does need to be crated for now when no one is home, as he will become destructive in his attempts to escape the house to find his humans. He is beginning to like his crate more now as he always gets a buster cube or Kong filled with yummy treats when we crate him. He will occasionally even go in his crate on his own to lie down now.  If left in the crate for longer periods he will bark, but does settle. 

Gunner is an exceptionally sweet, loving and handsome boy who deserves a wonderful, loving home. Please contact Midwest BREW if you would like more information about Gunner. 

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