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Gender: Female Age: 4 - 5 years Status: Adopted

Do you have an energetic dog who needs a playmate? Sunshine wants you and your dog, now. She's about 4-1/2 years old, and her purpose in life is to play, run, and chase with another dog.

When she's not playing, Sunshine wants attention from her people. She's a bit shy of new people at first, but she quickly warms up to anyone who will pet her and make a fuss over her. Once she's decided someone is OK, everything's good and she'll soak up attention like a total attention sponge.

Sunshine enjoys her time outside and potties outside without any problems (it's the very first thing she does when she goes out). She does not dig and she shows no interest in jumping or climbing fences. She's quiet indoors, but she does like to vocalize outside if she can hear other dogs and they "talk" back.

Sunshine shares her foster home with an 11-year-old female beagle and two cats. She gets along beautifully with the beagle, and will chase and play as long as the other dog indulges her. She has been great with the cats - not overly curious, and excellent about backing off when they don't want to be sniffed or investigated. She does like to chew, so her foster family recommends providing her with appropriate chewable toys like bully sticks, durable Kong-type toys (stick a treat in there and she'll be occupied for hours), and so on. She will investigate all sorts of of items in her search for toys (she understands that "No!" means it's not a toy), so proper management of trash cans is a must.

Sunshine is crate trained, and she rests quietly in her crate overnight or when her people are out. She is housebroken and keeps her crate clean. Because of her energy level, she would do best either in a home with a yard where she can spend time outside. She is quiet enough for an apartment, but would do best either on a bottom floor (so she can run and play without bothering the downstairs neighbors) or with people who will giver her lots of exercise outside.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).