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Gender: Female Age: 10 months Status: Adopted

This is Deena! She is a beagle mix and has the coloring of a blue-tick beagle, which is a gorgeous, hard to find version of your basic beagle. She’s got the tri color with the lovely addition of black freckles on her body and light brown freckles on her legs. She is long-legged, but is not a big dog, and stands about 18" at the shoulder. She weighs 27 lbs.

Deena is less than a year old, about 10 months, and has the happy-go-lucky attitude of any puppy. A bit timid and shy at first, she quickly begins to wiggle and wag her tail when meeting a new person. In fact, she craves affection, and should be told she is a pretty dog on a daily basis. She is sensitive and a loud "NO" will send her to her bed to lie down. She has been submissive to our dominant dog, and playful with our playful one. Deena also happily spends quite a bit of time playing by herself with toys. She is a quiet dog and we’ve only heard her bark while playing with her toys, or trying to get other dogs to play with her. She enjoys chewing on hooves, and does sometimes steal other things to chew on, like slippers and the remote, so should be watched while she is still teething. Deena is doing very well with housebreaking, sometimes even going to the front door to wait. She is not completely there yet, but will be very soon. Deena has done fine on car rides, potties on leash, and is crate trained. She goes to her crate reluctantly, but sleeps quietly all night long, and during daytime naps. She does walk well on leash and pulls when she is excited or anxious to get going.

Deena does not like the sound of the vacuum cleaner. She runs and hides when she hears it. She was a little afraid of going to the vet, but once she was there, she was a perfect patient. She even allows us to brush her teeth! Deena loves belly rubs and does snuggle on the couch. She has had no experience with cats or small children, and due to her sensitive nature, would do best with older, more respectful kids.

Deena loves to run and play, and a fenced yard would be the best for those long legs, but she has done fine with our long tie outs. Being a quiet dog, she should do fine in an apartment or condo, but will need to get some exercise.

So if you’re open to a beagle mix, Deena is a wonderful dog with a great personality. Friendly, fun, cute and playful, these are all words to describe this very nice little girl.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).

Please read our Standards for Adoption and the information about beagles and puppies before you submit an adoption application. Remember that owning a puppy is a full time commitment and you must have the time to commit to a dog that will be with you for 12-17 years. Beagle puppies are cute - but they are very challenging. Puppies may eat your apartment (no refund of security deposit); people who are gone for more than 5 hours at a time will need to make dog walker, neighbor or doggie daycare arrangements; and for families with very small children, puppies will chew toys, shoes, blankets and hands, feet and other important parts of your child's anatomy.