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Gender: Male Age: 10 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Sarah Krempa: For a special boy who has a face that steals hearts! Thanks MW BREW for providing the vet care needed for Simba.

Hello, my name is Simba and I am a tennis ball addict…there I said it! I originally thought I was heading into a rehabilitation program for toy and tennis ball addicts but actually the great folks at Midwest BREW rescued me from the shelter. Not long ago I was in the Tuscarawas County shelter in Central Ohio. I was surrendered by my owners due to financial reasons; they were finding some lumps and bumps on me and could not afford for me to have the veterinary attention that I needed. As it turns out the lumps and bumps I have are just a natural part of me getting older, they aren’t anything scary. Midwest BREW had some of the lumps removed; especially some larger ones by my tail, but some remain, they are no bother. I have had my teeth cleaned and I am in good shape. I have a heart murmur but it does not slow me down at all. I am a very active guy and many wonder how I could possibly be ten years old?

Now that you know my tennis ball secret, some other fun facts about me - I am an extremely handsome and loveable beagle boy. I have that heard that some compare my looks to those of George Clooney or Brad Pitt and we keep getting better with age. I may be ten but I am young at heart. I love to play and as I have mentioned and I must re-state, I love my tennis balls, toys and playing fetch. I currently live with two senior beagle foster sisters and we all get along great, I just wish they would play a little more. I also love to get attention! Please pet, hug and kiss me all you would like – I can take it!

Since I have been in my foster home, I have been a perfect guest. I have good house manners and have not had one accident. I like to be in my crate and upon my first arrival I was more comfortable eating my meals in the crate but now I eat with the resident dogs and haven’t had any issues. My foster mom lets me on the couch but I sleep in my crate at night, it is what I prefer. Lately foster mom leaves my crate door open and I have freedom to go in and out as I please.

I like to protect my foster home and I have a deep beagle bark that can be pretty loud especially when all three of us get going. Since I am your typical beagle and enjoy a good bark, I may not be the best companion in an apartment. I sometimes bark a bit when foster mom first leaves for work but then I settle in until she gets home. Sometimes when I do get to barking, foster mom re-directs me to do something more fun like play with my toys or tennis balls. She praises me when I stop barking so I am thinking that is her preference…. but…who cares…??? I am a beagle…arrroooooo!!!!

My foster mom wants you all to know what a great pup I am and that she has really enjoyed having me around. She says whoever adopts me will get a great companion and a gem of a dog. I like to snuggle, sit by you, sit on your lap or rest my in head in your lap. We hope that I find a family for me that will enjoy my happy nature and playfulness. I am an all-around good boy.   Warm up that throwing arm and have the tennis balls ready for me! Don’t miss out on a chance to be forever loved…contact MW BREW today!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).