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Gender: Female Age: 7 years Status: Adopted
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Sara Porter: Good luck on the treatment! What a sweet girl! Frank Benadum: In memory of our 18-year old Tootsie who passed on 02/12/2018.
There once was a dog named Kate,
Who carried a little extra weight,
Healthy food and happy walks,
And, now I hear the talk,
She’s lost 7 pounds to date!!

Hi there, I am Kate and foster mom thought she’d attempt to be clever and write a limerick about me! With foster mom’s help, I would like to tell you a bit more about myself. I am a seven-year-old sweet beagle girl, whose owner passed away, and my brother and I were turned into a shelter. Midwest BREW pulled us from the shelter and I’ve been at my foster home for a while, getting to know my foster family and working on losing weight. As of June 3rd, I weigh 37 pounds (I was 44!). I should probably be closer to 30 pounds. Recently, I’ve been eating a weight management food and getting in some regular walks. We usually walk around a mile or so twice a day, unless it’s really hot out, then we go for shorter walks. I am a super laid-back girl, so the extra activity has been good for me. It’s pretty obvious I had been loved by the owner I used to have, and probably fed too many treats without a lot of exercise. I’ll admit, my weight seemed to slow me down at first, but on days that aren’t all hot and humid, I keep up with everyone on our walks, sometimes leading the pack! Walks are one of my favorite things to do, though don’t expect me to power walk, as there are too many good smells out there!

I sometimes snore, but that’s gotten so much better! I will now play with my foster beagle brother and explore in the yard more, as my stamina has really improved.

I get along with everybody, people and animals alike. Foster mom gives private flute lessons, so she’s home a lot and we have people of all ages in and out during the week. They all adore me and appreciate my little kisses and will rub my belly at my roll-over request! I’ve even met and spent time with foster mom’s grandchildren who are one, three and five years old, and the adoration between me and them was mutual. I have three foster siblings here and one is huge and drools, but he’s harmless and we all get along well. I get excited when I see other dogs on our walks, and I’ll bark, but it’s just because I want to see them. If foster mom knows them and we meet up closer, I am happy to sniff and wag my tail with new friends.

Overall, I am a pretty relaxed, happy girl, who loves to nap in the same room you are working in, or even in my open crate. Foster mom says I am very low maintenance. I am not a morning dog, but I will get up when you say, and then run right back to my crate or to a dog bed and relax until I hear breakfast being served or a walk being offered! My best “pottying” happens on our walks! I am not a barker\howler very often and listen very well. I don’t have accidents in the house, and I run to the door when I have to go! I like\use doggy doors too, but don’t have full time access to one here at my foster home, so it’s okay if you don’t have one. I’d sure love to find a new forever home. I promise to be loyal, good, happy, and make you smile…..foster mom says I am wonderful at all of those things! Are you a home that will provide consistent walks and help me to continue to get to and stay at a healthy weight? It would be so awesome if I had a forever home to call my own again.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).