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Gender: Male Age: 2 - 3 years Status: Adopted

Hello there, my name is Kody (but I am sometimes called “goofball”!) and I am probably around 2-3 years old, weigh around 32 pounds and have a longer body. Foster mom says I am stunningly gorgeous, with a shiny sleek short coat of hair. I am a happy, confident, fun guy and love playing with toys (stuffed soft ones are my favorite). I sometimes use one to suckle on as I fall asleep. Foster mom finds it pretty endearing! I play really well with my beagle foster brother and get along great with my foster brother newfie, who is huge, and foster sister sheltie, who is a quiet older gal. I don’t pester anyone and totally appreciate that the beagle brother will play with me.

Foster mom has flute students come into her home a couple of days a week, and I really enjoy seeing new people, especially if they are younger siblings! I really like kids, and sometimes forget my manners and get a little jumpy, but not too bad, and I am learning! I perk up whenever I hear a child’s voice, so I would probably do great with a young family, or if I’m around children or grandchildren!

We take two longer walks a day here in my foster home, and I love walks. I wear a harness, so that I don’t choke myself when I pull. Foster mom says I have the cutest prance when I take walks!Most of the time, I walk really nicely, but can get excited and pull like crazy too, so hang on tight, and have some strength for those moments! They don’t usually last long, though those moments usually happen most every walk. I love meeting new friends, dogs and people alike! I rarely bark on a walk but may whine because I see someone I want to say hi to!

Foster mom hooks a seatbelt to my harness and I ride really nicely in the car. I do like looking out of the window for a bit, until I get tired and settle down for a nap. I like treats, and am learning “sit”, though sometimes I am pretty excited and have to have a tap on my bottom to remind me what “sit” is!! If you have good smelling things on the counter or table, I may try to put my paws up for a good smell, hoping to get a bite. The word “off” has become more familiar and I am much better than when I first came. I need someone to be consistent…..not mean, just consistent, as overall, I am a very good boy.

I like to know where you are and will hang nearby for my naps. I have not torn up things or shown signs of being a digger. I like being outdoors and have recently decided good scents in the yard are worth howling at, but I am normally pretty quiet otherwise! I do like toys, and will prance around with one in my mouth, sometimes throwing it in the air and running after it. I sort of play fetch, even though I keep the toy to myself once in a while! I like to lay by my people or another dog, on the couch, but at night, or when my people leave, I sleep very well in a crate with my favorite blanket, maybe a treat, and a couple of soft toys. I have off and on energy, so foster mom did not want to call me “high energy”, but because I am younger, I do enjoy and need playtime, walks and activity. I’d rather not be an all-day couch potato.

Are you looking for a wonderful, fun, loving companion? Could it be me?! I am hoping my forever home is out there somewhere, soon! If you are “approved”, let your adoption counselor know you’d like to talk to my foster mom! If you haven’t applied to adopt one of us BREW beagles, please, fill out the application and get the process going! There are plenty of us that are looking for forever homes!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).