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Gender: Male Age: 4 years Status: Adopted
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Beth Arnold: In memory of Bianna. Jenifer Schreiner: Good luck handsome boy!

Hutch has made it from the “sponsors needed” page to the “ready for adoption page.” He tested positive for heartworm and has completed the treatment and now he is looking for his forever home. It is critical that his adopting family continue to give him his monthly heartworm preventative. Hutch is a small beagle boy that is believed to be between 2 and 5 years old. He has lots of energy and loves to hang around his buddy Starsky who also had heartworm and is looking for his home. Both came in as a bonded pair and helped each other recover.

When Hutch first came to his foster mom’s home, he was a scared little beagle but he has come a long way. He even prefers to lay right beside his foster mom and has turned his attention to finding his own way in the world. However, Hutch still likes the company of other dogs, preferably beagles. As he feels better, his true personality is coming out and he is becoming a playful, cuddly, and happy boy.

He is crate-trained but prefers free run of the house. He was crate-bound for almost two months for his heartworm treatment. He is learning to not go potty in the house, following the other dogs outside to the fenced-in area. But he can be quite vocal when smelling any kind of wild-life and there are lots of them in his foster mom’s home. He also thinks the resident cats are interesting and vocalizes and chases them. He would not do well in an apartment setting. He is learning to walk on a leash but has a long way to go. But he is a fast learner.

Hutch is finding his inner puppy so he loves to find things to chew. Not only is he a joy to watch but he has very expressive eyes. He is one handsome beagle and just brings out a smile with his wagging tail and love of life.

If you would like to find out more about Hutch, contact Midwest BREW.


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