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Gender: Female Age: 8 - 10 years - AARB Status: Adopted

I'm Hannah!  I'm a medium energy girl, about 27 pounds. The vet thinks my age could be around 8-10 years old. I am a beautiful and special lemon beagle, which means I have a lot of white in my coat, and some light peach dappling on my sides and ears.

Midwest BREW rescued me from a shelter, along with my 8 week old lemon puppy.  It is obvious that I have spent my life pregnant or nursing pups, and now I am really looking forward to having a human of my own who will baby me.

I am good-natured and I like to sunbathe in the yard and play with stuffed toys. When my foster mom lets me out each morning, I run a joyful prancing lap around the yard to start my day! I like to gather up stuffed toys and move them into the yard or my bed. Sometimes I will toss toys in the air and catch them. I am great at getting humans to smile and relax when I frolic around!

I am a more submissive beagle who tips over frequently to show you my belly. It was easy for me to make friends with the other dogs here at my foster home. I enjoy playing with my foster sister beagles. I get excited to go out for a walk. I also get super excited for my dinner and treats, and when a human comes home. I enjoy taking a lot of naps.  And I REALLY love to have my back scratched and be petted.There are just so many things to be happy about in my new life!

It does seem strange to not have puppies to take care of, so sometimes I act a little worried, but I think I will get used to not having to be on mom duty pretty soon.

I am a smart girl - I'm house trained, plus I know how to use a doggy door and how to "sit".  A secure fence is a must for me because if I find a weak spot, I will be fascinated with it until I figure out whether I can get through. I don't really want to get away from you though, I just like the challenge of seeing if I can figure it out. I might really enjoy a human who will teach me things and give me toys I can figure out, like a Kong.

I am not destructive but I do like to take human things I can pick up, like socks, and put them in a new place. I'm so cute though, I promise you won't mind!

Are you the special person who will pet me every day, show me what it is like be to be treated kindly, and love me forever?

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI)