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Gender: Male Age: 1 - 2 years Status: Adopted

Faster than a speeding rabbit! More powerful than a stuffed teddy bear! Able to leap small dogs and bushes in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s Super Duper Trooper! My foster mom says I truly am a super hero. As you can see by my pictures, I had a rough start to life, and have some scars to prove it. I also have a defect on my nose. I was found as a stray, so no one at Midwest BREW really knows what happened to me, whether it was a birth defect or some kind of injury. Whatever it was sure didn’t break my spirit! I am a 1 ½ year old boy who weighs about 22 pounds, and I am all Beagle boy puppy fun and a bundle of love!

I am just about the happiest boy around now that I am rescued. I love to meet new dogs and new people. I try to get them all to play with me, and if they don’t want to play I snuggle up next to them. If they don’t want to snuggle, I’m ok just finding a toy or a comfy spot by myself too. I hardly ever bark, but because of my nose, I do whistle when I run or get excited! The vets have checked it out, and say it shouldn’t cause me any problems, but I probably shouldn’t go swimming or boating. My vet says it just gives me extra character and makes me cuter!

Foster mom says I do still have a few things to learn about being your best friend. I am working on that house training thing. I have no problem going outside with the other dogs, but I haven’t yet figured out how to tell her WHEN I need to go. She says I’ll get there. I just need a little more “home” work. I’m also still figuring out that not everything is a toy, and she tells me “NO!” when I chew on a shoe or a leash. She says it’s all part of being a puppy, but I do need to keep working on it. Whew! I’d rather just play.

I love car rides, and my favorite road trip is to the dog park! I have made lots of new friends there, both two legged and four legged! I run and run and wrestle and jump up on the benches to be petted, and my tail wags so hard it’s a blur. I love every minute of it, and boy do I come home tired! At the end of the day, my favorite thing is to snuggle up on your lap or beside you and relax! I go right in my crate to sleep all night (unless one of the other dogs gets up- then I want to go too! I don’t want to miss any of the action!)

If you are looking for super duper cuteness, you’ve come to the right place! I’m right here waiting for you. Tell the good folks at Midwest BREW you want to know more about Super Duper Trooper!


NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).