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Gender: Male Age: 10 months Status: Adopted

My name is Louie, and I am a big, lovable beagle baby who will melt your heart with my puppy-dog eyes. I'm about 10 months old and 29 lbs. I have a sweet, calmer disposition and am medium energy. As an adult I could be a more laid-back type of beagle, but for now I am still a puppy, so I like to do puppy things like run around and play with toys. I have heard people say I am very handsome with my "cookies and cream" coloring.

I love other dogs and I play nicely with the hounds at my foster home. In fact, I let them win at every game we play, even though some of them are old or smaller than me. That way they want to play with me more! They are like human big sisters and like to boss me around, which is fine by me! I try to follow all their rules. I would like to have a dog friend to show me the ropes in my new home too.

I was supposed to be a hunting beagle and before I came to my foster home, I lived outside in a rural area and didn’t meet many people, so a lot of things are new to me. I have learned to walk nicely on the leash and to sleep in a crate at night or when my foster mom leaves the house. I'm a little nervous about riding in the car, but I ride quietly. I will take a nap during the ride if I am tired out first. If I am in a situation I am not sure about, I just get very quiet and still until I decide it is okay.

I am a more submissive boy and I will be very passive if you touch my feet to cut my nails, and I will also let you pick me up, which makes me go completely limp like a sack of potatoes. I like it if you hold me and cuddle with me on the couch but I am still trying to figure out what is going on and why I like it!

I have a beautiful, loud, ringing howl that you will hear often when I play, but I don't really bark unless I'm playing or sometimes if I think I might be all alone. But you will sure know it when I decide to sing the song of my people!

Could you be the forever home I have been waiting for?

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).