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Gender: Male Age: 2 - 3 years Status: Adopted

Hi! My name is EDDIE!

I’m a 28 lb. beagle boy and they think I’m approximately 2-3 years old. I was recently neutered and microchipped. This is my first time being an inside dog and it’s a dream come true!!I have so many things to tell you about!

I have my own crate with my own soft dog bed! I get to eat my dog food twice a day, and I eat every bite. (When the humans eat, they eat better-smelling things but I know I’m supposed to stick with my food -- but I would sure love to have a taste someday!) I also get a treat at night!

I have some toys that are just for me, so I don’t bother anything else in the house. I love chasing the rubber ball in my back yard! Speaking of which, I have a yard with a big fence so I can run and play safely. I love it so much I don’t have any interest in trying to escape! I hope my fur-ever home will have a big fence, too! Best of all, I have two canine buddies next door and I love when we all play together! They also have these short little humans, and I love them dearly! Even their cat doesn’t mind me!

I’m still getting used to indoor life and I’m pretty good at remembering to do my business outside although I’ve had a couple minor accidents. I’m really doing better at this and I just need someone with patience to help remind me.

Overall I’m pretty quiet because I don’t like to whine or bark, but I do get nervous when I’m left alone. Sometimes I bark in my crate because I get lonely and worried, but I’m glad I’m not usually left for long periods of time. I’d prefer to go with you for a ride!

Most of all, I want to share my love and all I could ever want is someone just to love me back. I’m very affectionate, and I absolutely LOVE LOVELOVE to cuddle. I’m not allowed on the people furniture or in the big human bed right now, but I could easily adapt if my new family will let me! I’d love to be a couch dog and fall asleep nuzzled up in a blanket and under someone’s arm. I also need a soft hand to comfort me when I get scared (like when I hear loud noises like thunder or firecrackers.)

Please believe me when I say I really am a good boy! I hope you’ll give me a chance to meet you and maybe become part of your life for years to come!

Love, Eddie

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).