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Gender: Male Age: 7 - 8 years Status: Adopted
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Frank Benadum: Get well soon buddy..!! Andrea Fleming: Feel better and mend quickly Snoopy! Vince and Tracy Sands: Hope you're feeling better! From your Midwest BREW brother, Harvey. ARROOOO. Ron and Jo Shaw.

Hey guys, my name is Snoopy or as foster mom calls me, Snoopy Dog! Thanks for taking the time to read all about me me me me! I am a pretty cool guy who came to Midwest BREW back in October through no fault of my own! My previous owners were getting a little older and they had concerns about being able to take care of me so in my best interest they reached out to Midwest BREW. I miss them but I'm really looking forward to finding my new family! 

Since then I've been crashing with my foster mom and when I got there I was a much bigger guy than I am now. I've lost almost 20 pounds and I'm a whole new man! I can run through the yard feeling the wind in my fur. I really like to be outside sniffing and chasing all the critters that come across my path. And while I walk pretty well on a leash, I would really love to have my own yard.

I would do okay in an apartment, but I really do like to go in and out on my own accord when possible. Sometimes I go to Camp and play with other beagles in a great big back yard! I would sure love to be able to own and explore my own back yard someday! Plus, since I am such a smart guy I can use a doggie door well, although you may have to come get me to come back in sometimes because, like I said, I REALLY like being outside!

But what about when I’m inside? Then I really like being near my foster mom. She says that sometimes I'm a little shadow! I enjoy being near her whenever possible, like when she lies on the couch or even when she goes to bed at night! I'm a good boy though and if I must sleep in my crate overnight, I will. I do well in the crate when mom's at work and will kennel up for a small fee of biscuits! Sometimes though I really don't want to kennel up and let mom know that. Usually I throw a fit and settle down pretty quickly though.

I had CCL surgery back in January and it went really well! Since then, I’ve had my stitches out and no longer must live in the cone of shame! I'm getting around well and thanks to the kind folks at BREW I was able to get hydrotherapy. For now, I have lots of exercises that I need to do to build up some strength in my leg again. I can’t go crazy and run around too much in case I hurt myself again. But between you and me, I get around on three legs just fine. Mom even calls me her double tri…  tri-color tripod. (Snoopy and I go for runs once a week together. He does pretty well and can go around 1.5 miles just fine)

I mostly don't mind other dogs but tend to take more of an alpha dog personality when meeting other dogs. When I see dogs, people, and other critters on my walks, it really makes me sing – at least I think that’s what I sound like! In my previous home, there was another dog that I really enjoyed running and playing with, so I would probably be fine with another dog but would do fine as an only dog, as well. Just make sure you don't pet the other dog more than me because I like lots of attention! I'm even good with cats. The resident cat and I share a bed at night and I’ll boss him around a little bit but I guess he's okay, though I still don't understand why he doesn't want to play with me! 

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