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Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Anonymous: Old hounds have a special place in my heart. Mike Bender: Fans of Oscar, Mike and Rick.

Hi BREW Family!

My name is Oscar, but I’m no grouch! And, unlike most other beagles, have no interest in garbage cans lol.

I’m an 8 year old boy with a great attitude towards life. Like most BREW beagles, I had a rough start in life which included me ending up with some buck shot in me. But that hasn’t slowed me down or left me sad. The vet says I’m at my perfect weight (34 lbs) & fine except some dental issues which my foster parents are getting sorted out.

My favorite thing in the WHOLE world is my new stuffed toy that we call Bear. You can see me with him in some of my photos. I’ve learned to play fetch with him. I would play fetch with Bear & my foster parents all day long, but my foster parents get tired of throwing him & have to rest sometimes. I also love sleeping in the cozy cave, preferably with Bear. Sometimes my foster sister Midge squeezes in with us too.

I like my foster brother & sister, but I think I’d be ok being an only dog as long as I get lots of love from my human family.

My foster Mom says that I have TONS of great qualities including: 100% house broken – a perfect record!-, no chewing, no excessive barking, and no digging. And she says that I am the best at welcoming her home of any dog EVER!

Please contact my foster mom to learn all about me! I’d love to be home with my forever family for Christmas!

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).