Waffle * Special Medical Needs
Gender: Male Age: 2 years Status: Sponsors Needed
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Elizabeth Cash: Get well soon Waffle! Our family will be watching you!!

UPDATE:  1/11/19:  Waffle is currently on a detailed treatment plan for heartworms. He is a strong and healthy boy, and his vet expects a full and complete recovery.


Meanwhile, Waffle continues to be a wonderful patient and foster son. He is getting plenty of rest and relaxation in his foster home – just what the doctor ordered. He is the only dog so he gets all of the attention he wants and deserves! He has a super sweet personality, and wants to be nearby at all times. Several times a day he will come by just to give some hugs and love to his human caregiver.

Waffle has a healthy appetite and he LOVES to eat! When he has his daily dinners he wags his tail so much he almost loses his balance!

Waffle is very well-behaved and full of love. Hebrightens everyone’s day, and he will make an excellent addition to someone’s life when he is ready for adoption. Check in soon!


Waffle has been diagnosed with heartworms and will start treatment soon.


We are only able to provide him with the required medical attention through your donations.


If you would like to sponsor Waffle for his heartworm treatment, please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button.


Donations are greatly appreciated!