Donny * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 1 - 2 years Status: Available
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Neal and Ruth Zielaskowski: In loving memory of our girls (Katie, Emma, & Sally).

Hi - my name is Donny.  I was picked up as a stray a couple months back; I'm thought to be 1-2 years old. I was heartworm positive, but I've had all my treatments and now I'm good as new!  As long as you remember to give me my preventative each month, I shouldn't have any future problems.

Foster Mom goes to work all day and leaves me home alone, but I don't really like to be left alone.  I kind of got into things I shouldn't have when I was confined to the kitchen, so foster Mom bit the bullet and let me have the run of the first floor.  She tells me all the time I live at Fort Knox; lots of gates and closed doors, but now we're both much happier.  I hope I get to go to a home with someone who is home a little more to spend time with me, or maybe some kids to play with would be good too.  I'm not a couch
potato, so having someone or something (a furry playmate) to help keep me company would be on my wish list.
I really like my people... I like to follow foster Mom to EVERY room she goes (I mean, c'mon... I don't want to miss anything!!)  There's no other dogs here right now, but I like all the ones I've met on walks or at the vet's office or the ones that have come to visit.  I don't know if I like cats.  There's no kids here either, but I've been a good boy with those I've encountered recently.

I like to watch TV, and I like to talk to the animals I see there.  I'm not picky, I'll talk to dogs, cats, horses ... Foster Mom even caught me conversing with a rabbit the other day (I don't understand why she thought that was so funny).  I like being outside for walks or just relaxing on the porch after dinner. 

I like to get tummy rubs and give lots of kisses.  Foster Mom is always telling me I'm a good boy, but I know I'm going to need some help with my manners.  After all, I'm still just a little kid, a 20# kid!!

How would you like this kid to be your kid???

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).